• EnergoService was established in 2005 with initial legal form of registration – Limited Liability Company.
  • Due to the high performance goals set for the company in 2008 EnergoService was reorganized as a Joint-Stock Company (AD) with 100% effectively paid up capital.
  • Since 2006 EnergoService maintains the world largest and most complex Computer Information and Control System “Ovation®” ever installed as well as the Radiation Monitoring Systems on Unit 5 and Unit 6 Ventilation Stack 1 and Ventilation Stack 2 and Auxiliary Building Ventilation Stack in Kozloduy NPP.
  • Thanks to the cooperation and partnership with Westinghouse Electric Company (USA) and APANTEC LLC (USA) EnergoService successfully completed various projects related to the Ovation® and RMS system optimization.
  • EnergoService AD is a full member of American Chamber of Comers in Bulgaria (AmCham) and Bulgarian Atomic Forum (BULATOM).