Technical Servicing

EnergoService maintains and trains teams of highly skilled professionals who perform periodic functional and performance tests of various automation systems for technological processes. Functionality Testing Procedures for the systems are based on the manufacturer’s requirements and good engineering practices and are made at intervals as jointly determined with the principal.

  • Planned monthly technical maintenance;
  • Planned annual technical maintenance;
  • Inspections and walk downs.

All activities performed by EnergoService specialists are done, in accordance and coordinated with the schedules and requirements of the contracting authority as well with the specific features and specifications of the technical documentation of equipment and related systems.

EnergoService AD has a contract with Kozloduy NPP EAD for service and maintenance of computer information and control system “Ovation®” primary and secondary loop and Radiation Monitoring System (RMS), purpose of which is ensuring efficiency and functionality of both systems.

More information for the systems: [Ovation®] [RMS] [PCS]