Technical Servicing | Radiation monitoring system (RMS)

Radiation monitoring system (RMS) has been implemented and installed in NPP Kozloduy by Westinghouse EC, as part of the unit 5 and unit 6 modernization project.

The system consists of:

  • Air Volume Activity Measuring System normal range monitor (two of them reserved for each unit and one for Auxiliary building), as well as a high range gas monitor (one for each unit). The system measures the effluent activity concentrations during the normal mode of operation, during the repair mode of operation, and during and/or after accident mode.
  • Hermetic zone post-accident monitoring system (one for each unit), for measuring post-accident activity concentrations in the Hermetic Zone;
  • Digital high range monitoring system (one for each unit), for detecting and measuring of post accident  gamma radiation in the Hermetic Zone