Press Releases

2019-11-11 Seventh Annual Meeting With Key Clients and Partners

In the period from 6th to 8th November, 2019, a seventh annual meeting took place in Park & Spa hotel Markovo with clients and partners, organized by EnergoService. The subject was “Engineering management and control systems in Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant.

This year, guests of honor were Mrs. Emily Taneva, from the US embassy, energy department, Mr. Mladen Mitev, chairman of Bulgarian nuclear society, prof. Nina Nikolova, dean of Automatic faculty in the Technical university in Sofia. Students from Technical university and University of national and world economic was attendees, too.

In the event, presentations were given by our special guests Dominique Komt and Tommy Tallqvist from Mirion Technologies, Ivan Pironkov from Westinghouse Energy Systems, Jean-Jacque Jordan and Rossen Russev from HACH, Victor Moissa from MATE-FIN, Romania, prof. Dimitar Dimitrov, from University of national and world economic, representatives from Kozloduy NPP, Kozloduy NPP-New Build, State Enterprise Radioactive Waste, IBS company.

A variety of topics were included in the program of the event. Our partners from Westinghouse, Mirion and HACH presented their new systems and product lines. Kozloduy NPP and State Enterprise Radioactive Waste representatives shared challenges, regarding systems’ exploitation. EnergoService experts familiarize the audience with the status of their current projects. Once again, EnergoService provided an opportunity for its Bulgarian and foreign partners to meet, exchange ideas and discuss possible solutions to existing cases.